Unrequittance -/- Wooing


Obsessing over unrequited love
Spoils inner beauty

If passionate pleas unanswer’d
Love’s sufferings pointless

Whenever advances answer’d unprepossessingly
Dream-darlings phantoms become

No worser furnace exists
Passionate love unrequited


Moments of genuine rejection
Yield sorrows unfathomable

Despite love-idols refusing overtures
Blaming them impossible

Hard reality threshes desire
Whyever chase rainbows


Cleanliness, confidence, eloquence, charm:
Captures susceptible sirens

Promises, presents, poetry, piquance:
Pleases perfect princesses

Music, incense, candlelight, comfort:
Cornerstone bewitching wooing-rooms

Conversation, cookery, chocolate, champagne:
Intensifies charming offensives


Gently, into lovely states,
Caress wooable sensibilities

Intoxication excites sexual anticipation
Unleashing bacchanalian promiscuity

Enticingly inviting, surprising words
Demolish chastity’s lock


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