Sex -/- Romance


Mutual lovers’ ambrosial arms
Energize upon entwinement

Treasures of pentasensory pleasure
Glittering lovers discover

Intensively investigating paradesean pathways
Electrifies incredible copulation

Flesh penetrating welcoming flesh
Yields starry magic


Like tender, enigmatic flowers
Blooms commingling lovemaking

Sweetest multiple sensory moment –
Lovers climaxing simultaneously

Softarmed embraces of lovesleep
Sweeter than Heaven


Perfumed reality bettering dreams
Renders nights sleepless

Towards winners of hearts
Legs enamour’d walk

Tho’ shade alleviates sunblaze
Cupid always scorches

Unpent passion pushes lovers
Public places reeling


Spontaniety, voyeurism, decadence, beauty:
Delights adventurous lovers

Doubt, jealousy, cliché, deception:
Ruins romantic irrisistability

Romantic getaways provide exictement;
Intimacy, travel, gossip


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