Rumors -/- Love Dreams


News of first meetings
Spreads like eclipses

Rumor assists clandestine romances
Linking conjucraving families

When fiances betray us
Village gossip insensible

Romantic rumors compromising reputations
Beloved among gossip-mongers


Without rumour passionate romances
Weakly waste away

Gossip increases violent passions
Society’s natural aphrodisiac

Sometimes only family gossip
Sustains love’s dream

Love Dreams

Daydreaming about heavenly lovers
Designs wedding dresses

Delicately imagining dimpl’d darlings
Unveils unfailing ecstasy

Memories of wonderful lovemaking
Nourishes the world

Imagining our lover constantly
L’amore’s unwritten law


When refuseniks visit dreams
Pleasure finally arrives

Such sharp, waking pains
Seperate dreaming lovers

Unable to witness dreams
Gossips announce amabandon


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