Reconciliation -/- Jealousy


Beyond engagement’s acerbic conflicts:
Appreciation, acclimatisation, acceptance

Conflict, quarrel, conversation, intercourse:
Exhilarate salacious couples

Eating’s pause exceeds eating
Altercations transcend romance

When dialogue abandons blame
Closure invariably begins


Dislike increases love’s delight
Bringing rapturous reunion

Prolonging argument after resolution
Erodes conscientous hearts

When emotional fencing finishes
Only lovesex reunites


Departing partygoing dress’d jawdroppingly
Jaundicity imagines infidelity

Declaring jealouseans; ‘The Loveliest,’
Earns; ‘Among whom!’

Mindmonkeys imagine tender fingers
Stroking other lovers

‘I thought of you!’
Earns, ‘You forgot!’


However pleasant one’s personality
Jealousy operates independantly

When loving sensitive jealouseans
Reinforce affections daily

Jealousy tarnishes garden hearts
Insecurity’s neurotic weeds


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