Quarrel -/- Resolution


Relationships need spotless beginnings
Otherwise murkiness torments

Corrosive arguments, salty affairs,
Excess erodes embrace

Lackluster darlings making misunderstandings
Rupture romantic roots

Screeching voice, beseeching eyes
Love’s vulgar weapons


Relationship craves engaging conversation
Dismissive silence decimates

If lovemaking seems doubtful
False distress backfires

When lovers sooth us
Why pretend unpleasantness


Swab contentious perspiring foreheads
With caring handkerchiefs

Upon polemic’s piquant pause
Sneezes win blessings

Warmth exposes arguing couples
Conflictions actually love-letters

Those honest, well-timed compliments
Banish quarrelling’s ridiculousness


Resolving arguments before bedtime
Avoids caustic nightsulking

Listening alternately without interruption
Salves fractious infighting

When our eyes agree
Dispute turns useless


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