Lust -/- Kissing


Lust’s thundering battleaxe sunders
Chastity’s modest bolt

With lust dominating dreams
Minds cannot sleep

Flaming arrows blister flesh
Licentiousness incinerates hearts

As learning reaps learning
Sex increases lust


Neither iron nor rope
Fetters mortal passion

Not even iciest plunges
Cools scorching lust

Lust’s current carries away
Modesty’s protective rafts


Tongues bestowing succulent passion
Flickering candle flames

Like honey mixing milk
Silky lips kiss

Sharing secret cataclysmic kisses
Earthquakes our existences

Gentle kisses, honeycomb cuddles,
Caresses sensual sensibilities


Lips might charade love
But hearts never

As drink delights drunkards
Kisses bliss beloveds

Smooches lacking tender embrace
Flowers without fragrance


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