Love -/- Lovelessness


From loving nature springs
Earth’s halyconic blisses

Both sinner & ascetic
Capable of love

Amity begets affection, begetting
L’amour’s immeasurable excellence

Love is life’s sanctuary
Warm, happy, safe


Obeying love’s dicoveries easy
Staying loved, problematic

Deeds best communicate love
Not mutable words

As love soothes us
So love burns


Without love, life’s quintessence,
Mankind meanders pulselessly

Perfect appearance, spotless spirituality,
Pointless without love

Deem the unloved heart
Dead desert tree

As souls abandon corpses
Loneliness follows love


Hearts refusing love’s support
Beat totally alone

Purest pairing promis’d everbody
Patience, pellucidity, party!

Better experiencing heartwrenching amabandon
Than never love


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