Loveloss -/- Break Ups


When hearts become harden’d
Tearwells dry disinterestedly

When breezes penetrate embraces
Love’s denigration begins

As burgonian blossom fades
Superficial romance ephemeral

Untruthful pledges, broken promises
Erode fissile love


Romantic galleons never unsinkable
Crossing oceanic love

Even sweetest of lovers
Sometimes strangers transmewn

When one’s heart broken
What use reunion?

Break Ups

Abandon’d hearts stalking exes
Offload fretting friends

Happiest moments phantasms forming
Haunt terminated romances

When exes appear unexpectedly
Gorgeous partying impossible

Lovesessives moodily ruminating communications
Never recieve closure


During sordid, tormented dismantling
Avoid emotional proclivity

Keeping mind monkeys caged
Helps hearts heal

Staying stoical throughout loveloss,
Lives after love


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