Infidelity -/- Immodesty


Hatred, sin, fear, disgrace:
Stain bedhoppers imperishably

When dread accompanies infidelity
Why encourage bedswerving

Virtue, praise, friendship, dignity:
Dismiss’d with infidelity

Nights of dirty bedswerving
Blight delightful lives


Shaggers spurning stupid slagginess
Possess elementary decency

Sometimes only playing away
Amputates septic relationships

Gouging backs with knives
Cheaters attack relationships


Betwyx fluster & fortitude
Loving hearts meander

Only darlings can dismiss
Love’s debilitating sicknesses

Souls of anxious lovers
Suffer sorrows unceasing

Upon Earth no remedy
Alleviates rampant lovesickness


When passion overpowers us
We’ll publicly explode

Where solidarity exuded calmness
Passion creates panic

Eyes consumed by loverage;
Restless, sleepless, lidless


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