Haggardizing -/- Reunion


Tears for far-off darling
Renders eyes flowerless

Skulking shoulders? Loosened jewels?
Partners are departed

Pallid, teary, discolored orbs:
Announces insensible sweethearts

Observe disfavourment’s heartfelt clamor;
Desperate, ugly, inglorious


Unto one’s heartless departer
‘Callousness,’ we cry

Acute agonies of amabandon
Surpass grief’s lamentations

Desperately pining for partners
Precludes pleasant positivity


When absent darlings return
Brutal agonies depart

Between demon & angel
Returning lovers seem

Crooning shoulders straighten upright
Viewing lovers returning

Eyes flooded in tears
Visible lovers dry


Towns welcoming homespun heroes
Like darlings reuniting

Insidee each other’s arms
Meeting lovers melt

If amabandon is battle
Recoupling’s victory banquet


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