Glances -/- Gazes


Within single, sensational seconds
Eyes reveal love

Enhaloed stunners returning glances
Unleash celestial armies

One single, stolen visage
Magnifies sexual rapaciousness

Games of tugging glances
Budding romances commence


Pupil darts shatter hearts
Whenever Cupid mischievous

Powers of conquering warriors
Droolworthy glances depose

Furtive, smiling, sideways observations
Betrays lustfulness confined


When bambeyed beauty omnipotent
What use jewelry?

We look, we pause,
We sigh, circean

Her chrysoberyls perplex me:
Celestial? Peahen? Woman?

Genial ladies gazing graciously
Enslave men’s lives


When smiles answer gazes
Lovers comforted become

Loving eyes desire nothing
But lover’s image

To expose true love
Examine calorescent eyes


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