Beauty -/- Attraction


What use spectacular attractions
Without myriad admirers

Deem beauties lacking knowledge
Mute, painted mannequins

As moons possess spots
Blemishless beauty impossible

Bonniest, starbudding, god-given flowers
Aren’t neccesarily fragrant


Lovely girls use looks
Ugly girls, mirrors

When ladies cosmetica overapply
Looks lose lustre

Unlike mental beauty’s durability
Superficial prettiness ephemeral


Chemistry strikes like lightning;
Random! Miraculous! Irresistible!

Venereal essences voloptuous quivering
Invisible fragrant flowers

Erotic attraction’s exciting catalyst
Induces intimacy’s consent

Like dressing without mirrors
Smittenness masks faults


Cupid creates opposex twins
For every soul

Men fancying featherless wallflowers
Confuse snobby beauties

Visual contentment’s captivating happiness
Recipricated very rarely


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