Darlings -/- Amabandon


Via pangingly amorous tears
Couples confess adoration

Surmounting true love’s foundation
Prospers perfect happiness

Darlings’ syrupy discourse develops
Dreamy, celestial honey

Couples cuddling thro’ sleep
Beloved upon waking


Commingling nudity fully unfolded
Epithalamions eternalize consummations

Assisting sweethearts without complaint
Love’s tenderest touchstone

Remembering anniversaries solidifies lovetrysts
Especially if giftladen


Lonely morning’s budding lovesickness
Blossoms by noontime

Single desperate, amabandon’d days
Pass like weeks

Euphrasian sounds of sunset
Slays relinquish’d lovers

Come eventide’s fetid heartlessness
Separated sweethearts inconsolable


Bedtime charges parted darlings
Like bellicose foes

Before partner’s first departure
Lonely nights unknown

Morning resuscitates discarded darlings
Evening murders again


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