Separation -/- Hankering


When darlings announce departure
Romantic magic fades

Between lovers fearing separation
Even intercourse painful

We live when loving
For separation murders

Departures of sensual lovers
Leaves us panting


Tho’ lovers’ bodies depart
Anima remains nightly

What use gorgeous garlands
When partners unespyed

Being far from partners
Possesses certain charms


Vulgarly hankering affectionate contact
Blights sensitive souls

Aching for absent lovers
Smothers our existence

As sadness swells unstoppable
Pining’s hiding impossible

Assuaging seclusion’s incurable curse
Requires soulsearching remedies


Languishing hearts swell enraptured
Imagining lovers returning

Anxiously awaiting absent amourettes
Days become weeks

Spectres of absent lovers
Haunt emotional hours


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