Vedas -/- Buddha


Indivisible lives, interdependent existences
Humanity’s cardiovascular reverberation

When entering realization’s ecstasy
Every bondage dissappears

Following fear, decay, death:
Infinite peace attainable

Highest Self’s endless bliss,
Unconditioned limitless consciousness


Yesterday’s dream, tomorrow’s vision,
Today? Live well!

Happier memories, promising futures,
Good days deliver

Enoy today’s lifebreathing brevity
Delivering existence’s myriadity


Dismiss single sacred languages
Chastise inflexible dogmas

Fasting during practicing austerities
Weakens ascetical insight

Realizing Nirvana’s supreme benefit
Releases hankering cravings

Sun, stars, moon, truth;
Never hidden remain


Lonely musings, tranquil meditations,
Purify flurrying worries

Because thinking shapes personality
Maintain pure thought

Altho’ change cometh inevitably
Personality directs transformations


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