Technology -/- Justice


With every technological invention
Somebody loses work

Developing electrical subsurface tramways
Feasifies transtellar travel

Digital newfangleness transforming industries
Remoulds, reimagines vocations

All the world’s wonders
Single googles away


Foraging, cloudgazing, hillwalking, windowshopping:
Voyeuristic internestings forget

Surreptitiously feeding internesting dreamworlds
Defers revolution indefinitely

Despite computers dominating chess
Poetry beyond circuitboards


As morality hinders selfdestruction
Laws hamper anarchy

Until properly proven guilty
Disgusting suspects innocent

When wealth influences justice
Challenge corrupt society

Impartially imparting inculpate jurisprudence:
Confessions, witnesses, science


Armour consequential judicial sentencing
With universal uniformity

Eye for an Eye
Blinds the World

Inappropriate judgements criminalise judges
Overactive, underwhelming, irrelevant


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