Socrates -/- Muhammad


Knowing you know nothing
Life’s true knowledge

Beware most lonely barrenness
Enclosing busy lives

Without enjoying bodily strength
Fools age shamefully

Smallest acts of courage
Deem courageous, nevertheless


Education’s better kindling flames
Before filling vessels

Strong minds discuss ideas,
Weak minds, people

From conversation springs wisdom
Avoid lengthy monologues


Divinity examines hearts, deeds,
Ignoring ephemeral possessions

As kindness enters something
Its essence beautified

Only perfect piety, posipraxis,
Defines human superiority

When entity disturbs heartpeace
Relinquish its control


Courteously, upon fathers’ deaths,
Befriend their friends

Visit invalids, feed hunger,
Release unjust captives

Wherever we’ll observe wealth
Investigate invisible impoverishment


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