Renunciation -/- Reform


Vomiting overcloying pentasensory impurities
Realizes desensualized spiritessence

Random death denies renunciation
Avoid evil acts

Serenely mastering unencumber’d austerity
Renunciants dominate death

Want snares the world
Renunciation frees us


Prefer destitution’s stark minimalism
Possessions befuddle mind

Sorrow clasps people clearly
Grasping for attachments

When downsizing why ponder,
Delusionally, upon pleasures


Wrongdooers redressing negative actions
Moonbeams piercing clouds

Like colonists taming swamps
Repentance prepares spirit

Entangling indulgence fangles destruction
Penance, peaceful pleasance

Meshing every fresh dawn
Chances of self-betterment


Minds from improvements immune
Bitter, uncookable paddymelons

Laggards who manyana modification
Haggardize admiration daily

Desert sands never change
Despite shuffling dunes


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