Religion -/- Theology


Doctrines of sublime creation
Theology’s prime remittance

Celestially enlighten’d evangelical svengali
Exalts universal scripture

Scattered fragments of biography
Realise hieratical doctrines

Upon abstract, theistic surmising
Converges phenomenal existence


Study, chanting, meditation, prayer:
Divinity’s hypnosean portals

Without obtaining spiritual intelligence
Humanity studies profitlessly

Dreaming priesthoods merely men
Only thought divine


Dreaming thoughts of prophets
Sanctity’s cerebreal expression

Worship possesses single language
But myriad dialects

Considering religions equal partners
Unifies planetary Humanity

Across life’s boundless ocean
Faith escorts believers


Omnipotent, unavoidable, unassailable, universal ;
Comprehend incomprehensible circumfusion

Loving one’s peerless One
Cleanses anxious minds

Sparking Divinity’s existential omnipresence –
Eternal Universal Overmind!


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