Ptahotep -/- Nichiren


Because nobody embodies perfection
Craftsmanship invites innovation

Loving energies envitalise being
Ensuring open channels

Our most wonderful offspring
Obey parental edicts

World measures best conduct
With rulers unbending


Introducing violence into society
Attracts fatal blows

Governmental disfavours rise swiftly
Like attacking crocodiles

Before slanderweeds take root
Ruthlessly dispel rumours


Despite injustices abounding abundantly
Stresstimes dissipate always

Eyelashes, close, yet invisible
Resemble internal divinity

Better mastering one’s thoughts –
Beware enslaving mentality

Life’s infinitely priceless days
Outvalue uncountable treasuries


Prosperity’s elation, declination’s morbidity –
Worthy person’s nightmares

Creating order’d, tranquil community
Ensures personal security

Suffering suffering, enjoying enjoyment
Life’s unchallengeable remit


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