Parenting -/- Kidulthood


Preparing children for society
Prime parental duty

Settling wisdom upon wains
Parenthood’s best asset

As greenwood burns badly
Pamper’d babes rebel

Structur’d children blessing families
Safeguard lineal legacies


Parenting’s problems need perspective
Avoid unrealistic expectations

Every guardian’s inherent intuition
Imborders suitable boundaries

Humanity’s most wonderful offspring
Obey parental edicts


Deem maturest parental traits;
Trust, responsibilty, empathy

With children blossoming adultwards
Contentiousness changes inevitable

Where infants fear monsters
Adolescents fear unpopularity

Granting teenagers plentiful independance
Demands increasing watchfulness


Parents merrily providing everything
Raise lazy adults

Wellgrown offspring earning profits
Deepens familial foundations

Seeing children settle happily
Life’s toppermost reward


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