Nationhood -/- Agriculture


Qualities of coveted commonwealths;
Wealth, safety, fertility

Noble nations never know
Starvation, epidemics, enemies

Sweeping curtailers of population;
Disease, famine, war

Nations utilise available resources;
Manpower, minerals, farms


Each country’s ideological constructs
Inhabitants deem natural

Nations containing natural resources
Prosperity effortlessly attain.

As chaos consumes nations
Patriotic fervour born


Patriotic ploughshares stockpiling supplies
Society’s sequacious support

Farmers lynchpinning dinner tables
Invigorate mendicant invalids

On agricultarlists folding arms
Even ascetics starve

When idleness pleads poverty
Mother Earth amused


Tho’ easier vocations exist
Everyone can farm

Ploughing, fertilizers, irrigaton, fences:
Cultivates furrow’d crops

Horticulture engenders valuable fibres;
Health, happiness, honour


Mannamilking multitudinous human beings
Social conscious forms

Antagonistic clashes between classes
Realizes revolutionary reconstitution

Constant locavorian vigilance creates
Community’s unbreakable stickbundles

Wherever Humanity grows hungry
Send hoarded grain


Energy activates community continuation
Lethargy promotes collapse

Prosecute society’s secret cabals
Vigilance educates resistance

Stable society’s uppermost bonus –
Ghostly lonelinesses cured


Villages lacking fitting leaders
Wildernesses amidst fertilities

Incoming strangers’ unknown qualities
Bedsoil potential ruin

Kings we can decieve
But neighbours never

A village it taketh
To raiseth bambinos


Where crowds cross rivers
Crocodiles keep distances

Our homes catch fire
Ignoring neighbours’ blazes

Thirty rotating wheel spokes
Single hubs share


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