Ministers -/- Envoys


Minsisterial ability clearly revealed
Handling troubled times

Soundly advising ignorant leaders
First ministerial duty

Complicated issues seldom settled
Without detailed discussions

Clever cabinets cast out
Winking, whispering turnoats


Faultlessness, scrupulosity, patriotism, sinophobia:
Esteem’d ministerial attributes

Firmness, respectability, lucidity, persistence:
Moulds good ministers

Approachablity, erudition, energy, decisiveness:
Edifices of office


Loyalty, wisdom, infallibility, eloquence:
Indispensable ambassadorial attributes

Erudition, energy, eloquence, etiquette:
Empowers impressive emissaries

Decorum, timing, delivery, balance:
Define chief envoys

Purity, respect, posipraxis, honesty:
Complement faithful diplomats


Deliver unto bellicose realms
Cleverest, uncontroversial consuls

Words – flawless, flattering, focused –
Elucidate royal replies

Exemplifying, soundly, diplomacy’s art
Destroys enemy joys


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