Marriage -/- Wives


Marriages need spotless beginnings
Otherwise murkiverse torments

Intercourse, intuition, friendship, trust:
Cherish’d conjugal pillars

Most happily married peoples
Marry happy people

Deflecting oppurtunistic sexual predators
Fortifies spousehood’s especialness


Unloving, unstimulating, unscrupulous spouses
Offer security only

If wedlock without lovemaking
Sorrowful lifetimes trundle

Marriage blends bitter barrels
With sugary honeylicks


Vigilant, attentive, unblemished, conciliatory:
Wonderful, miraculous wives

Shantys of vestal wives
Surpass palatial residences

Worthy wives enrich lives
Worthless wives deprive

Marry women for virtues
Comeliness collapses eventually


Wives lacking domestic excellence
Life’s irresponsible chaff

When wives behave dishonorably
Men’s lionsteps falter

Pretty wives like grapevines
Planted beside roads


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