Mahavira -/- Guru Nanak


Righteously renunciating passionate attatchments
Transcends mundane animation

Echoing ditches protecting townships
Nonattachment controls sensation

Desiring passion’s satisfying stormzone
Practicing asceticism irrealizable

Whenever soul shackl’d internally
External renunciation meaningless


Heated gold remains gold
Enlightenedness always enlightened

Whether pleasur’d, whether pain’d,
Pure consciousness equanimous

Like oceans sheltering fish
Truthfulness safeguards virtues

Guru Nanak

Striving for religious tolerance
Fashions universal Humanhood

Our bodies are fields
Our minds, ploughmen

Universal deity ignores dogma
While devoiding doctrine

As invisible flower’s fragrance
So are souls


Eternal meditation’s transcendental flight
Disciplines, purifies, tranquilitizes

Meditation’s simple equanaminous devotion
Allows nobody’s monopoly

Principlising spiritual, suprapersonal heights
Humanity penetrates Divinity


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