Legacy -/- Grief


When accounting for lives
Endings outrank beginnings

Generosity before we die
Justifies our lives

Like leopards leaving skins
Human reputations remain

Leading unbeleivable, fooltastic lives
Curses earthly legacy


Glorious lives eternally celebrated
Anonymites memorially destitute

Decades of profound benevelonce
Deify our lives

Exalt upon unique greatness
Imperishable, posthamous praise


Feotus, teenager, popstar, grandfather:
Death reckons equally

Tho’ death offers relief
Survivors suffer pains

Against dying’s regent power
Ceaseless weeping useless

Circumventing widening, melancholic dejections
Acknowledges circumambient sorrows


As torrents flood villages
Grief engulfs families

As corpses slowly rot
Grief diminishes daily

We lament not yet
Humanity’s last waltz



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