Inevitabilities -/- Dying


Resenting Death’s inescapable inevitability
Life’s first folly

Good lives eventually conclude
Like excellent parties

We follow parents heavenward
As they, theirs

Worthy lives contentedly led
Approach death peacefully


Lives rise then fall
Like daily suns

Our days are axestrokes
Felling life’s oaks

Mosts wonderful world empires
Lapse one day


When death cherishes us
Bodies wither uselessly

As pain permeates bodies
Pain’s thresfold rises

Changing age cages pains
Death’s paeans relieve

In dying we live –
Every day delicious


Spindrift tiredness, distended discomfort,
Attends terminal illness

Receiving demise-dreaming well-wishers daunting –
Keep visitation short

Deathdoorean moods rapidly divert,
Avoid jocular effusions


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