Husbands -/- Chastity


When winning revered wives
Husbands themselves revered

Our best married men
Woo their wives

Lazy, aggressive, abusive husbands
Slaughter brainsick families

Prospecting for potential husbands
Examine men’s mothers


When craving wives enslave
Charitable dispositions eradicated

An asskissing, sycophantic husband
Embarrasses his sex

Husbands worshipping woman’s whims
Feed more whimming


From immoral, passionate urges
Fortress marriage protects

With one’s marriage wonderful
Whyever wander elsewhere

Our most majestic marriages
Command loyal chastity

Couples comprehending property’s rights
Disneccessitate infidelity’s folly


Because faithful chastity exists
Why gulag wives?

Pornography ruins imperfect marriage
As monsoon, hovels

Flirting partner’s perfumed scent
Marital continence detests


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