Hospitality -/- Kinship


Households extending benevolent hospitality
Surmount domesticity’s pinnacle

Flourishing families capably entertain:
Students, elders, ascetics

Households tending dignified guests
Gain imperishable prosperity

Happily entertaining gueststreams incessantly
Applaud above glory


Scroogey families eventually lament;
Unloved, aloof, alone

If guests are late
Wait for food

Offering strangers uncompromisable hospitality
Often uncovers angels


Families nurturing internal hatred
Unite only superficially

Families harboring hypernegative tensions
Fabricate fatal crimes

Remain impartial within kinfighting
Interference rebounds volatile

Even most honorable judges
Disputes domestic avoid


Babies banish labor’s pains
Relations defuse sorrow

When relations lie dutifully
Strangers speak honestly

Family ties like trees
Bendable, but unbreakable


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