Globalisation -/- Travel


Interconnected, international, social superstructures
Support global trade

Advancing Humanity’s destructive inventions
Safeguard from abuse

Along hundreds of currencies
Enchorial economies wander

Materialist, industrial, technological connurbations:
Modernity’s planetary touchstones


Outta myriad, multicolored breasts
White milk flows

Celebrating international cultural diversity
Humanity’s harmonious uniformity

Accelerating collapsing biodiverse ecosystems;
Selfishness, apathy, greed


Alertness, tranquility, foresight, caution:
Shadows wisest wayfarers

Journeys beckoning epic distances
Single footsteps start

Hidden, dry, safe, shelter’d:
Improves alfresco sleeping

Single lengthy trips abroad
Outeducate studious decades


When wandering foreign climes
Befriend fellow travellers

Better we wander alone
Before accompanying fools

When wayfarers fear strangers
Bemusing lostness inevitable


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