Fortification -/- Generals


If borders left unguarded
Sophisticated nations fail

Supercitadels blend heroic garrisons
With plentiful supplies

Massive castles easily defendable
Decay enemy courage

Exquisite fortresses merely rubble
Without excellent inmates


Height, strength, width, inaccessibility:
Characterize important citadels

Fortified features demotivate aggressors;
Impregnability, defendability, stockpiles

Water, elevation, firewood:
Defence’s veritable essentials


Surfing battle’s intense obscurities
Intelligent generals thrive

If commanders acting ignorantly
Excellent troops useless

Gigantic battalions exist ephemerally
Without competent leadership

Whereas archers unleash arrows
Generals focus armies


Wise, courageous, fatherly, subursine:
Define favourite commanders

Unscrupulousness, impetuousness, cowardice, vanity:
Stains feckless officers

Energy, speed, resolution, foresight:
Envelop excellent generals


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