Estate -/- Divorce


Entertaining one’s many relations
Prosperity’s priceless advantage

While impoverish’d relatives repel
Prosperity charms consanguinity

Our relatives hungry honeybees
Our riches, nectar

As insects ignore flowerlessness
Relations deride destitution


Gentile, unabashed, extragenerous largesse
Swarming genefellows engulf

Descended inheritances diligently preserv’d
Scoundrels soon squander

When heirs squabble recklessly
Strangers inherit estates


Abuse, insanity, infidelity, desertion:
Increase divorce’s likelihood

When pains outnumber benefits
Dissolve unsatisfactory marriages

Ogygian marriage creates battlefields
While tenderness fades

Houses of faineant procrastinators
Dilapidate into divorce


When aftermath augurs unbearable
Seek divorce cautiously

How many dissapointing marriages
Linger until death

When separation seems certain
Understand childrens’ helplessness


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