Espionage -/- Warfare


Fearlessness, invisibility, firmness, eloquence:
Elevate able spying

Concealants dress’d as ascetics
Freely probe undetected

Whenever spies concur unwittingly
Deem data correct

Before fearing bladed foes
Beware friendly traitors


Knowing everybody’s daily business
Statesmanship’s unceasing duty

Caning one’s secret agents
Prevents doubting outings

Publicly praising successful spying
Exposes secret agents


Maintain, like beloved children,
Battle’s diabolical enginery

Promptly, at war’s onset,
Perish defenceless kings

In statecraft act straightforwardly
In warfare, craftily

Spirited, prudent, swift, decisive:
Combat’s optimum conduct


Infinities of petty circumstances
Disappoint military planning

No greater misfortune exists –
Underestermating one’s enemies

Enmitial capabilities absolutely essential
When waging war


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