Elections / Cabinets


Elect ministers thro’ merit
Not partisan politics

Whichever departments interest voters
Encourage opinionated discourse

Perusing individual candidate credentials
Electorates choose efficiently

Each guild’s elected leader
Cabinet seats command


As antholes collapse embankments
Civilians topple governments

Governments create provisional contracts
Signed by voters

Thro’ the perfect election
Each voice heard


Exchequer chancellors attend economies:
Taxation, pensions, employment

While judges guarantee justice
Generals defend populations

Chief practitioners protect health:
Hospitals, doctors, research

While professors disseminate education
Quarterconsuls dripfeed nations


Transport managers unclog arteries:
Roads, rails, flightpaths

Culture, media, enterprise, sport;
Social wardens dynamize

Cabinet’s vitally important responsibilities:
Energy, environment, climachange


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