Dispositions -/- Battle


Offering combat fronted widely
Thins enemy forces

When enemy forces concentrate
Consider imminent attacks

Deem no army indestructable
Defeat detachments piecemeal

Unless obtaining advantageous terrain
Aggressive activities avoid


Powerless armies become powerful
Choosing private battlefields

Engagement among cramped places
Demoralizes massive armies

Mountainous territory denies wings
Carving armies equal


Properly conceiving battlefield tactics
Supplements strategic manouvering

Where enemies make effort
Send timely reserves

Bulwark useful battlefield achievements;
Evaluation, preservation, improvement

Pacy, cleverly placed counterattacks
Panic confident belligerents


Pursue routing enemies tirelessly
Time rejuvenates swiftly

Assisting one’s bleeding enemies
Surpasses battlefield triumph

Delaying denoument defers advantages
Reinforcements rapidly entrench


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