Culture -/- Leadership


Folk-lore, sculpture, dialects, architecture:
Inspirational, generational artefacts

Drama, history, astronomy, philosophy:
Civilisation’s classical cornerstones

Tradition, music, dress, food:
Flavour human society

Respect other cultures deeply;
Customs, laws, beliefs


From humanity’s seething cauldron
National culture born

Impasse inspires cultural change
Change invites solutions

As society respects status
Citizens mix appropriately


Chieftans possessing unswerving willpower
Loftier than mountains

Energetic rulers energize populations
Sloppiness promotes laziness

Increasingly accessible, congratulatorial successes
Secures superintendence obeyance

Greed, inelegance, hedonism, pride:
Undignified management faults


Superiors’ traits we despise
Never offer inferiors

Pretty princes useless pillars
Rotting wood’s comparative

Executive authority tiptoeing sycophantically
Stands upon quicksand


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