Criminals -/- Human Rights


Community by morality censured
Nasty criminalities deny

Crimes, unexamined & unpunished,
Ruin country’s daily

When catching cunning criminals
Become that criminal

Intercepting illegal egglaying hens
Gathers misprisionic chicklings


As weeding improves fields
Hoodlums need imprisoning

Oppressive imprisonment moulds opposition
Hardening determined hearts

Rehabilitation in open fields
Surpasses claustrophobic birdcages

Human Rights

Fairness, dignity, respectfulness, equality:
Humanity’s acceptable perogatives

Peaceful protest communicated freely
Crowns universal progress

Protect vitalities from inteference;
Equity, elections, education

Let everybody practice, unrestricted;
Thought, religion, belief


Universal justice, investigative law
Protects life fastiduously

Ancyent days of slavery
Never let return

Nobody should suffer torture
Degrading, afraiding, inhumane


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