Creativity -/- Art


Without Humanity’s exotic interaction
Social progression stagnates

Inspirational ideas lead creativity
Like hungry scouts

Fresh places, unfamiliar people,
Massages innovatory minds

What single thinkers summon
Myriad laymen contemplate


Industry, devotion, taste, virtuosity:
Manufactures glorious works

Collaborating with special people
Produces special things

Commercial success taints productivity
Sculpting formulaic slaves


Invisibile, unthinkable, unimaginable, inaudible:
Creation’s purest essences

Opulent, spontaneous, imaginative, bohemian:
Art’s fertile acolytes

Spheres of celestial artistry
Express inexpressable emotion

Capturing, accentuating, enhancing beauty
Art’s sacred ideal


Creator, curator, spectator, elevator:
Art’s necessary gardeners

Conception, influence, substance, topicality:
Artistry’s appreciative demeanours

Ten thousand hours pass
Mastering every artform


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