Army -/- Strategy


Armies perish without subsistence
Supplylines ceaselessly secure

Preparing warriors for fatigues
Avoids embarrassing despondancies

Good iron never nails
Good soldiers, cannonfodder

Adorning swine in armor
Battletuskers never creates


Deem fearless, dignified forces
Regalism’s foremost riches

Corragio, loyalty, honour, tradition:
Pervades professional platoons

Valorous veterans never envisage;
Defeat, desertion, disgrace


Whencesoever victory beckons, fight!
Otherwise ingenuities employ

When dividing one’s enemies
Synchonise wide-fronted attacks

Before engaging armies militarily
Study past wars

Sharks: invincible in water,
Powerless on land


Speeding along unanticipated roads
Renders planning unfathomable

Prefer inferior enemy forces,
Never oppose impregnability

Never interrupt one’s enemies
When making mistakes


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