Agnosticism -/- Asceticism


As renaissance atheists burn’d
Insensate multitudes celebrated

When knowledge removes ignorance
Divine visions unravel

Priests adminstering mystic jurisdiction
Worship’s superfluous entities

Reason, philosophy, liberality, conversation:
Superstitious religiousness suffocates


Study heart’s selfless inscriptions
Above religious dogma

Single solid deeds outshine
Thousands of prayers

All aspects of Divinity
Created by Humanity


Because majorities forsake austerities
Supporting asceticism possible

Deemeth dusty eremite dwelling
Joyful juniper jungle

What scientists designate magnetospherical
Ascetics consider Creator

Paths toward divine wisdom
Never lead home


As carpenter fashions timber
Holiness controls soul

In every way conceivable
Practice virtue incessantly

Doubtless minds cleverly unwavering
Obtain Heavenly domain


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