Adultery -/- Children


Sleepers among strangers’ spouses
Reap dangerous shame

Amorous fools lustfully slouch
Watching neighbours doors

Sorrows surround straying spouses;
Solicitors, sinfulness, guilt

Wooing best friends’ partners
Obliterates two families


Ignoring other womens’ womanlinesses
Crowns worthy husbands

Spouses pursuing diverse copulation
Lick poisonous snakes

Seducing another woman’s husband
Reduces social kudos


Deem newborn infant minds
Morn’s untrammelled snow

Voices of giggling nestlings
Sweeter than flutes

Toddler’s touch brings delight
Children’s chatter, joy

First leaders of familes
Our smallest young


Even the wisest sages
Inexperienced infants once

When kids assist cookery
Ebullience patters ambrosial

Treasured offspring beaming intelligence
Spreads immeasurable pleasures


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