Kings -/- Governance


Government cannot properly operate
Without executive power

Fearlessness, liberality, wisdom, energy:
Encapsulates astraean sceptersway

Frequently conducting inspectorial tours
Renders monarchy accessible

Subjects serving unkind kings
Deserts lacking rainfall


Exposing omnishambling presidential fauxpas
Upsurges universal indignance

One nation’s illustrious avatar
Another’s terrible terrorist

Cunning auotocrats foster opposition
They’ll glorify overcoming


Governance’s inalienable, implementable rights:
Life, liberty, property

Towards improving civic institutions
Channel state resources

Prefer persuading antipathetic minds
Before regulating lifestyle

Wind, waves, sea, magma:
Ample power provide


Economies expand like plants
Water roots accordingly

Resolutely taxing burgeoning riches
Feeds needy children

Where hearing hunger’s howlings
Lower taxes immediately


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