Confucius -/- Krishna


Minds praising unwayward virtuousness
Humanity’s concordances obey

Embrace sincerity, principalise faithfulness
Dismiss depraved thought

Extravagantial desires inspire insurbordination
Caution seldom errs

Where wisdom disavows perplexity
Virtue reneges anxiety


Unwish’d for by oneself
Never render elsewhere

Because unpleasant faults possess’d
Accept abandonment stoically

Desperados seeking constant advantages
Deserve constant scorn


Beyond delusion’s turbid quicksand
Renunciates glide effortlessly

Heaven’s billion shining suns
Mirrors Self’s brilliance

Despite reality being indestructable
Illusions easily shatter

As people spurn burning
Evil avoids enlightenment


Minds freed from torment
Find best decisions

Vanishing fears, shattering passions;
Enstasy smashes aversion

Like tortoiseshells armouring limbs
Contrashield sinful thinking


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