Solomon -/- Lao Tzu


Foolishness accompanies discernment’s destitution
Understanding facilitates uprighteousness

Never boast about tomorrow
Before passes today

Collectedly overlooking transgressions discretefully
Humanity’s glorious perfection

Better eating peaceful morsels
Before strifeful feasts


Fittest words golden apples
Set in silver

Like fires without logwood
Strife without talebearers

Lips eternizing truth destroy
Lying tongues’ momentariness

Lao Tzu

From nothing comes something
From something, creatures

Without looking thro’ windows
Heaven’s visibility remains

If ignorance feigns knowledge
Ireddemable difficulties launch

As water benefits humanity
Ability influences affairs


Striving to achieve nothing
Revealeth The Way

The Way nourishes everything
As rivulets, rivers

Tho’ easy The Way
People paths prefer



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