Homestead -/- Domesticity


Untiringly balancing familial equilibrium
Surpasses celestial asceticism

Efficient families stoicly bare:
Burden, hardship, misfortune

About households without blemish
Humanity merrily flocks

Crofts of honest happiness
Lofty as Olympus


Before changing one’s house
Investigate potential neighbours

Plants, lights, porcelain, carpet:
Proclaim sophisticated comfort

Never discuss home affairs
Around village piazzas


Emotions, mentality, finances, time:
Domesticity’s draining challenges

Mastering one’s external affairs
Ensures domestic tranquility

Structur’d domesticity assists society
Praise stable abodes

As heroes dominate battlefields
Competence controls families


Observe family improvement daily,
Delay destroys households

Putting workplace before pleasure
Supports one’s family

With beautiful, fruitful trees
Compare dutiful householders


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